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2021-2022 Registration is open!

Hi Team Mako Families I wanted to update you on our registration for Fall/Winter 2021/2022 - We are now OPEN! We are set up with Water Polo Canada’s new registration program called RAMP and we will be using the RAMP app as our method of communication for this season so once you are registered, please make sure that you download the App and login. You will need to have your Respect In Sport course done to complete your registration. If this is something that you have done before, you might need to dig through your emails to find your code - I know that this course code is transferrable between sports so if you have done it for any sport, we should be good. Respect in Sport course link: https://waterpolo-canada-parent.respectgroupinc.com/ Our registration is now open, please follow the steps below to complete your registration:

Follow the link to the RAMP registration: https://www.rampregistrations.com/login?v3=4ff3f3718e

Click create an account if you do not have one already.

Once you have created an account, you will be able to register for the age group package that you desire

Please note that the package price does not include the AWPA membership fee and this will have to be paid separately.

If you are signing up for 8u or 10u, you are a “Athlete Member - No provincial league”. If you are registering for 12u or 14u, you are in the “Provincial Athlete” or “Provincial B” category.

Enter your credentials and sign the waivers.

Registration will not be complete until you submit your payment.

After registering in the database, you will receive a confirmation email. Please note that Mako is asking all families to volunteer at casino shifts this year as we have ours in Q4 of 2021. These casino shifts schedule will be posted shortly. Mako Water Polo will require a Post Dated Cheques for the following amounts $400 for our Casino dated January 1, 2022 and $200 for Volunteer Hours dated April 1 2022. Please make these payable to "Calgary Mako Water Polo Club”. By registering and submitting this cheques to our club, you are acknowledging that if your family does not participate with 2 casino shifts, Mako can cash your cheque as a deposit for volunteer duties. The $200 Volunteer Cheques will be assessed at the end of season as we will require parent volunteers for working the scoring tables at games and other administrative duties. This cheques can be submitted during the first week of practice - the week of Sept 20, 2021 Coach Stef will be taking on the role of Club Administrator along with her coaching duties - Please email smic@hotmail.ca with any questions at all if you are having challenges with the registration. Chris Broderick

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